March 2019

March 27, 2019


Lace is one of the most popular designs in the wedding industry and has made an enormous come-up in the last several years. However, this also means that every bride to be is picking out lace for their special day now. If you haven’t hit the shops just yet, check out these five inspirational designs better than lace for your dress.


Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

Diamonds are certainly a girl's best friend, but pearls are a bride’s dream. Pearls can add to a unique centerpiece or enhance an already stunning dress. Some of the most recent trends with pearls include pearl shoulder necklaces, which rest over the collarbone and shoulders of the bride and acts as the perfect accentuating piece.



Kind of like your cake, you dress should have layers! Layering your dress can give you the subtle princess look without looking like My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Layers usually look best on a dress that’s plain and simple, making the layering look all the more dramatic/unique.



In the hair or around the waist, ribbons are one of the best accentuating pieces to wear on your wedding day. One of the best ribbon looks is paired with a corset-topped wedding gown and the perfect white ribbon which criss-crosses in the back to tie it all together. Lace can also be great for a large bow which ties in the back and cascades down the dress.



For some brides, color is a no no. But if that’s not you, then welcome to your new favorite wedding dress idea! Of course a pure white wedding dress is timeless and classic, but a colorful floral gown is stunningly unique. Whether it’s just on the train of the dress or scattered everywhere, colorful flowers make the dress look like it belongs on the red carpet and in a secret garden all in one.


Alright, now there are some brides thinking “Well now I want flowers but still no color.” Don’t worry, there’s still hope for you! There are amazing dresses out there that have a  gorgeous flowering top but still keep the timeless and classy white dress look!


Strapless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, we’ve seen it all. The off-the-shoulder look is a quaint and much overlooked design that not enough brides take advantage of. The off-the-shoulder look allows for a strapless feel with a dainty shoulder design to match.



Alright lace I’ll give it to you, you’re pretty great. Lace designs are #1 on the chart for a reason and provide some gorgeous designs for brides everywhere; however, it’s always great to go out and try something new! There are thousands of dress design ideas out there but the best way to see some of the most premier dresses around is on the runway at The Rocky Mountain Bridal Show.

March 20, 2019

There something which may be a little more important than your wedding day, and that’s the honeymoon. It’s the first time you and your new spouse get to relish in the glory of being Mr. and Mrs! That’s why it is so important to pick the right spot for your honeymoon. Whether you’re a wild adventurer or a tame old-soul, here are some of the best places Colorado has to offer for you and your new partner. 



Ouray, Colorado, known by its residents as “little switzerland” is the desired honeymoon spot for any couple just wanting to relax after the stress of wedding season. With hot springs “[nestled] within a narrow valley surrounded by 13,000 foot snow-capped peaks” it’s hard to imagine anything more serene to experience with your new partner in crime. However, if hot springs don’t quite fit the bill there are still plenty of other activities in the town. From hiking trails to ice climbing parks, this town is a place for the lazy and the adventurous.


Estes Park

If you’re looking for some real adventure though, Estes Park is one of the best places you can find yourself. With the option to have your wedding around the town, it’s easy for most couples to simply book a few extra nights for their personal honeymoon time! According to the Estes Park Visitor’s Site, there are “around 3,000 elk in Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park”, making your chances of seeing one of these beautiful creatures pretty likely. If your honeymooning during the summer you can take advantage of Estes Park’s Outdoor Air Adventure Park which includes zip lining and climbing throughout the air; or (for the truly brave) you can take a dip with a wild water rafting trip. Falling in the water isn’t always part of the gig, but do you really have fun if you don’t?



If you’re from Colorado it’s probable that you like to ski—or at least have tried skiing because everyone else in town knows how to already. A comfortable honeymooning destination located around multiple ski resorts, but not in the middle of all the hustle-bustle, is the town of Frisco. In Frisco, couples can rest assured they will have a quaint paradise to themselves while also being only thirty minutes away from fun activities like the hiking and skiing. The town offers a monthly calendar of events which range from photography events to concerts in the park. If Estes Park is for the adventurer, then Frisco is for the old-soul-home-body. 


Mesa Verde

Museums may not be your thing, but what about ancient ruins? Whether you want to take a ranger guided tour into Cliff Palace, or just look from a nearby rock, the ruins are a sight for any lover of history, art, or architecture to enjoy. The cliff dwellings, though spectacular, are not the only part of Mesa Verde. There are actually thousands of archaeological sites throughout the park which visitors can explore. Is there really anything better than nerding out on your honeymoon?


Garden of the Gods

The site, Garden of the Gods, seems to need to be on our list if nothing but for its epic title! However, there really is some great stuff going on in this National Natural Landmark. The area is kind of the best of both worlds in that it offers short hiking, horseback riding, jeep tours, and a café which overlooks the jagged rock formations everyone is in a hype about. The rocks rocket out 300 feet from the earth with surrounding boulders balanced all around them; a spectacle to be seen up close.


Weddings can be tough but it’s all worth it in the end! You’re finally married to the person you love most in this world and you now get to spend a few days reminiscing in each other’s presence. If you’re still not satisfied with the places list above check out some advice from the experts, Rocky Mountain Bridal Show offers travel planners with expert advice on where to go for the honeymoon of your dreams!

March 13, 2019


The saying goes “happy wife happy life”, but before the wedding bells ring the real truth is “happy bridal party happy bride” (hopefully the reality of this statement compensates for the lack of rhyme). A bridal party can be quite the hassle at times. They’re trying to help you have your best day without also breaking the bank, so the stress in the group can get a little heated at times. However, making your brides feel special in the wedding is a key ingredient to any good group dynamic. But let’s not remember that at the end of the day, it is about you! 


Let’s Crash Some Weddings

Remember that scene in Wedding Crashers where Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson meet there (spoiler alert) soon to be lovers Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams? More importantly, do you remember the dresses Rachel and Isla were wearing?! If you don’t then get ready to fall in love with neutral satins. Rachel and Isla’s seemingly plain satin look is one which not only elegantly highlights the bride, but also looks phenomenal on the bridal party. The real seller here in these dress though… is the comfort. They’re like those sexy satin dresses you see women wearing before bed in romantic comedies, but now you get to wear bedtime down the aisle!


“She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos, and you can see it in her hair”

The original quote had “eyes” in place of “hair”, but that a little too crazy bridezilla don’t you think? And anyhow, it’s really the hair that becomes the highlighting piece when it comes to  brides and bridesmaids. Some brides think order is everything when it comes to their special day, but the truth is, there is beauty in the chaos. Have your bridesmaids pick their own dos this wedding season and see where things go from there. If you really hate what people are thinking or your best friend is matching a little too close to you then you can always change things around again. But there’s no harm in trying!


Purple, Boho and all things Pinterest

If there’s one site more infamous in today’s world than the live-streaming world of Instagram it’s most certainly Pinterest. And currently, Pinterest is promoting the neutral tones but they are also suggesting hints of purple. Lilac is one of the more subtle purples which can help your wedding pop without taking away from you, the bride. The problem with bright, flashy colors is that they actually draw away from the classic white dress. Colors like lilac can compliment and diversify a wedding without taking away from the bride themselves.



At the end of the day your wedding is yours to make into the version you may have been envisioning since you were a little girl. However it’s safe to say good advice is hard to come by. Get truly expert advice from some of the best at The Rocky Mountain Bridal Show. 

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