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Wounded Warriors

What is Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy?

Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy supports our military heroes by giving soldiers a new vocation or avocation which will help in three main areas:

  1. Supplement their pay
  2. Provide a complementary form of rehabilitation
  3. Give them the opportunity to reintegrate back into civilian or military life with purpose.

The umpire training these soldiers receive enables them to seek and obtain immediate employment. As part of the Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy qualified umpires may be granted an Umpire Academy Internship which places them on the field working games in Denver, Colorado.

Some of the men who complete the program walk with a cane, others hide burns and scars, but all are wounded combat Marines and Corpsmen ready for a new start.

"Most of them are purple heart recipients. They have PTSD, they have TBI, or they have various limb injuries. They’ve been blown up, they’ve been shot,” said lead instructor Jimmy Craig, himself a former Marine.

"But the physical wounds will heal; it’s the mental wounds that we don’t see that don’t always heal. This is a great way for them to get therapy.”

Staff Sergeant Tony Mauro completed the Umpire Academy in 2015. Tony was deployed to Iraq multiple times between 2005 and 2007, was wounded multiple times, and received numerous medals and awards for his heroism. Upon his return to the States, he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. He felt depressed, alone, and directionless.

Tony evangelizes that the clinic changed his life, from the instruction, to the lessons on the field, to his personal life and how he can relate to his kids at home. He admits that WWUA helped him become a better man.

Becoming an umpire is not cheap. Funds must be raised to provide for transportation, lodging, meals, uniforms and equipment. A portion of ticket sales for the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show will go to support this heroic organization to help men like Tony find purpose after combat. Your ticket entitles you to a virtual pat on the back (or a hug) for helping to restore a Wounded Warrior to a productive life and providing spirit, mind, body, and family rehabilitation. Thanks for attending our show so we can give more to this outstanding organization.

Personal note:

In 2014, our 11 year-old son was privileged to play in a baseball tournament officiated by a graduate of Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy which is how we were introduced to the organization. We became instantly obsessed with bringing awareness to their cause and we are blessed to have a platform such as the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show to be able to do so. Thank you to all our servicemen and women for your selflessness and valor.

Tom and Barbie Howard
Producers, RMBS

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